Considering splitting our stay

I am considering splitting our stay for our upcoming October trip. I just found accommodations at Contemporary but not for our full visit (nor am I sure I would want to pay the price for our full visit)! We are currently booked 2 rooms at CBR. Our trip is a total of 6 nights. We would stay at the Contemporary in a 2 bedroom villa for our first 3 nights then CBR in 2 rooms. This actually works best with our park schedule too. Our first days are Epcot and MK days. Then we will be putting in full AK day while at CBR and visiting HS. Any thoughts? If we didn’t split it would likely be all 6 nights at CBR. I have been looking to change resorts because of fears of CBR during construction but have not had luck, in part due to our party size (7 of us total).

Here’s a video of the two bedroom villa at the Contemporary. - YouTube It’s going to be a tight fit for 7. What are the ages of your group?

Here’s the video of the basic room at CBR. - YouTube

I love the idea of a split stay. Just concerned about 7 people…

Thanks for the info. It is DH, DS10, DS12, DD6, and 2 grandmothers. I thought DH and myself could share the king size bed and DS6 could sleep in either grandmother bed (relegated to Queen beds in second room) and then boys on pull out couch. So I thought it seemed like enough and even more than CBR with the kitchen.
I am not sure how smoothly the transition between resorts is. I don’t want to use a lot of our time relocating. I think that was the drawback for me. I have read online that it tends to go pretty smoothly though?

I have done split stays before. Disney cant make it any easier. Just go down to bell services before you leave for the parks and tell them where to send the bags. At the end of the day just go to your new hotel. With the limited availability of discount rooms I often end up splitting.

I assume you mean a 2 bed dedicated villa at Bay Lake? In which case you also have a sleeper chair, so all 3 kids can be in the living room.

We stay in a 1 bed with our two older boys on the sofa bed and sleeper chair. We fold them up in the morning and there’s plenty of room. Plus the extra bathroom too.

My concern would be going from that, with it’s full kitchen, washer dryer to CBR. Advice is always to upgrade on a split stay :grinning: But if it works with your plan, then go for it.

Yes a 2 bed at Bay Lake. I was hoping to do it in reverse initially but then have not been able to find much for the second half of our stay (Columbus day weekend). Also it will make our touring plans more convenient. I was wondering if going to a different themed resort with a different room and a really cool pool like CBR would help to keep the transition from being disappointing.
I have been religiously checking to see if anything opens for the second half of our trip (or for entire stay) but checking online has been problematic because we will likely need two rooms at most resorts and I can only see if one room is available at a time. Online it looks like the availability status changes rapidly. I have called a few times but with the long wait times on hold, I can’t do it often enough. I have even reserved a room online and then opened a new window to check availability at that resort and sure enough every time the room I was holding no longer showed up. So when that happens, I assume it is just the one room that was available. In hindsight, I wish I would have used a travel agent. I think this is where they would be very helpful.

Like @Nicky_S said, you’ll have a sleeper chair, and the 6 year old can sleep there. I really wouldn’t worry too much about the downgrade to CBR being a huge letdown, because it looks like otherwise you’re just getting the CBR rooms, so having an upgrade for part of the trip is better than for none of it in my mind.

I would definitely say to make sure you do a load or two of laundry the final night in the villaQ

Also, I love split stays. We’ve done quite a few and they’ve always gone well. It also helps if you have a tendency to really unpack like me, because you’ve got to keep it a little more contained and you have less time for things to get so spread around. We will pack the things for resort 1 in one set of bags, and the things for resort 2 in another, that way we only have half of the stuff getting taken out and put back at each place.