Considering options for next trip

We leave in 6 days for this trip and have the dinning plan. I have a few questions about trip for February but hoping to check out options while there this time. If we don’t do dinning can you share everywhere but family style/buffet? What are your favorite places to share? Any advice?

You can share everything except at buffets/family style meals. I love appetizers and we will often get one or two appetizers and share entrees/desserts.

I love to share many QS meals and the fried chicken dinner st 50s.

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We have shared at Sanaa and the Rose & Crown before. At the Rose & Crown my DDs ordered the soup appetiser each, and then had desserts.

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What do you budget for a shared meal? I know that’s also going to vary but a rough guess would be helpful. If you want to give a range I’ll take that too!!! This trip we’re doing several buffet/family style so I think it would be fun to try different places and make an adventure out of sharing/hopefully saving money!! I’m interested in LeCeller, Rose and Crown, and maybe Tiffans. Everything I read here is positive but I’ve been talked out of it twice.

Personally, if I’m figuring on shared meals, I’d use the menus here on TP (which include prices!) to help gauge for each restaurant. It also helps to figure your sharing style - 2 apps and 1 entrée for 3 people, 1 app +1 entrée for 2, 1 app + 2 entrees for 4, etc. How much your sharers eat will play a big role.

Don’t let yourself be talked out of those restaurants any more - stay strong!!!

Tiffins was excellent when I was there in January.

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Thank you!!! I forgot those were here.