Considering driving to WDW...] suggestions on places to stay in Savannah

So I am considering driving to WDW for my next trip. I was considering one night stay in Savannah Georgia on my way down. I have never been to Savannah. Looking for a decent place to stay. Any suggestions on places to stay?


Hello from the greater Savannah area! Do you want to be near the highway in suburbia, or downtown where the fun is? If you are on I-95, exit 94 on 204 has a lot of restaurants, shops, hotels, in a suburban type of setting. Haven’t stayed myself, but drive past them all the time. But going downtown, at least to see a few squares and some spanish moss, would be super fun. :slight_smile:

We have stayed at the La Quinta near the airport. It was very clean and good price. Right off interstate.

We stayed at the Country Inn and Suites, Savannah Gateway. It was nice, clean and I got a great rate. Had breakfast in the morning. Staff very friendly.

Stayed right near the airport during a drive to WDW (Savannah is about halfway for us). I got a room at the Wingate off hotwire for a significant discount. We were very happy, and it included breakfast. If you’re traveling on I-95 there is an app in the apple store (not sure about others) that lists every exit on i-95 and what is located there (restaurants, hotels, etc). HTH!

I greatly apologize for the delay in responding! That was an oversight on my part. I am sooo appreciative for the responses!

As much as I want to see the Savannah area I think this might just be an overnight trip :frowning: My Disney trip will be short so I want to get to Mickey as quickly as possible (well that driving will allow).

Ideally, I think something close to the highway (with a few food options near by) would be nice but a safe area is most important.

Any thoughts on this area? I have a family member that might be willing to donate some hotel points… Embassy Suites Savannah Airport
145 West Mulberry Boulevard, Exit 104 Off I -95, Savannah, GA 31322 |

Looking for the same advice, just a place to get a few hours sleep before making the rest of the drive.

So I decided on the Embassy Suites hotel (Savannah Airport). Many thanks to @B_squared! So I have adjusted the Google directions to go around Jacksonville and also to take the 417 toll road. Do I need to do any more adjusting? Google Map directions

Sadly I dont know if anyone will be able to make it on this trip due to some last minute issues. That means I get to navigate solo lol : )

Hi, @nightowl! Just now seeing this. I live about 35 miles away from Savannah. Have a great trip!

No worries! I saw your response in chat the other day @B_squared : ) Thanks!