Considering December trip

This will only be our second trip to Disney. We stayed at Boardwalk last May and enjoyed it. Where would you recommend now considering the current environment? Has anyone stayed at the cabin’s, CBR or contemporary lately? Pros/cons?

I think the cabins are WAY overpriced. There is a lot missing at Disney. But a lot still there. W
Hard to answer your question. You will have a lot more resort time than your last visit. I would say Contemporary, unless you present a better argument against it :grin:

We have reservations for early December that may or may not happen. Not sure about the risk, not sure about what may be missing. As far as the shortened hours in the parks, I am almost looking forward to a more relaxed pace.
We were staying at POFQ with a bounceback offer. We have been moved to CSR at GDT at the same price If I could choose where I wanted to stay if not for price it would be the Contemporary for the dining that is open and the ability to walk to MK. Mind you, I have not stayed there.

Im going week after Thanksgiving, first time in the world at Christmas. I havent stayed in the cabins but I did walk through. They dont seem worth it unless u have 6 people and value no privacy. I like to cconsider sleeping arrangements into the mix. Whos in your party?
Edit: i do not like modern theming, but if you do, the contemporary is a great resort!

Cabins are ok if you’re ok with rustic. There’s a trip report on here from maybe even August from a family that got moved to the Wilderness Homes. We’ve stayed there, on a December trip, and brought Christmas decorations. Cabins are rustic which often equals dark, so the Christmas decorations involved a lot of lights. The living room, bathroom and back bedroom all had their own decorating theme. We had lights for the deck, and lighted decorations for the rented golf cart. The cart isn’t a must but we had a 2 year old. Many people feel that driving one’s own car to the parks is a must from the cabins. We used Disney transport.

Caribbean Beach we stayed at a couple or 3 times, before the Skyliner, none since and not at Christmastime. Rarely had a bus problem. We’ve always stayed in Jamaica. We did have the drop down Murphy bed once. That works well. Haven’t used the new Port Royal area much.

While we’ve not stayed at the Contemporary I can tell you the walk to MK is amazingly quick.
One benefit - if you’re in the main building - is that everything you need, other than the parks, is inside. With the Cabins, or CBR you’re going outside - possibly in the rain - for most of what you’re doing.

As for going now - we’ve a trip planned for December. As was mentioned, we’re looking forward to more relaxed touring. Like it used to be. :grin:

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Definately something weve done at camping grounds.

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Gotta bring lights to yer camp site!

Might be where we got in the habit. We’ve brought Christmas and Halloween lights and decorations to WDW resorts.

In December, we remove the lights and decorations, including a small table top tree, putting everything in a box, with a note to Mousekeeping: Yours to keep or donate. Merry Christmas!


Is the question of who is in your party meant for @jbwest01?

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Yes, lol. Sometimes I lose track on who I am responding to :grin:

I am taking my 7 year old son and my mother this time. Another family is joining us, a mother and 3 kids under 10. I was thinking the cabins might give them more room to play since we will have more resort this trip. I am just not sold on them though! Isn’t there a boat that takes you to MK?


What do you like about POFQ and CSR? Are the boats running from CSR to DS?

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If we decide on the cabins, we would definitely get a cart, my son would love it. We aren’t in driving distance, we won’t have a car. How is the boat to MK?

We are going in December explicitly to stay at WL/CC for the Christmas decorations and easy access to MK. Or so I hope!


We love the boat to MK. There’s something magical to us about the Marina, the boat and the lake in the early morning.

I think no boats are currently going to DS.

There’s a good sized deck, the living room and a decent amount of kitchen floor space.
The bedroom is tight.

The thing about the Cabin - it’s an experiment. If you don’t like it, you don’t gotta stay there next time.

Golf carts are a hoot. We had too many to all ride at once. So some would go in the cart to the Marina or bus stop, while some would begin walking. After depositing one group of passengers, the driver would return for the rest of us, already in transit.

Does anyone have an opinion either way on OKW? If our party of 7 stays together, we would get the 2 bedroom villa. If not, it would be me, 7 year old son and my mother. Thoughts

OKW 2 br have a LOT of room. However, when we stayed here, we were not in line with the food choices. We’re not all that interested in doing a lot of our own cooking.

And the buses were odd. One bus does the whole resort and it’s a bit of a route to get to all the areas. We stayed right on the golf course, across the main road, kinda, from the main area - can’t recall any names at present. The way the bus stops are meant a lot of time on a bus, either coming or going.

We found this more irritating than the interior bus situation at the campground, but that’s just us.

We loved that 2 br best of pretty much any where we’ve stayed at WDW. Resort itself, not so much.

Yes! We stayed in the camp ground once and LOVED this option. We saw lots of cute wildlife at the campground too. I think the cabins only sleep 6 (unless one is a baby, they may not count them).

The buses were definitely a draw back! It seemed so time consuming, especially to AK. I think we clocked almost an hour from leaving camp site to walking in to AK on our 2 AK days.

I love the compact size of POFQ. Sadly, no reopening date.
I don’t think that there are any boats running to DS.
We have never stayed at CSR. I am looking forward to a slightly larger room than a typical moderate room., for the rooms in GDT. There are a lot of dining options, will have to see what is open once the resort reopens. The bridges that have been added look like that will make a sprawling resort seem more walkable.


I am staying at CBR in December. POFQ is my favorite moderate. I haven’t stayed at the sister resort because when we were supposed to be there they offered to move us to a suite at SSR.

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