Considering Caribbean Beach for a June trip--need Skyliner advice

We are considering staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort for a June 9 through June 14 trip. We are going mainly for Garden Rocks Concerts in World Showcase. I was thinking about requesting an Aruba room to be close to the Riviera skyliner station. I was wondering if there is an issue with Gondolas being full coming from Caribbean Beach and not having room to load passengers at the Riviera station during park opening hours. Would we be better off taking an Uber to the Beach Club or Boardwalk and walking to International Gateway than relying on the Skyliner during that time?

They reserve some empty gondolas for the Riviera. I haven’t boarded there myself but I think it should be ok. There will probably be a relatively long wait whenever demand is high (including in advance of park opening) but not sure exactly how long.

Hopefully someone with direct experience will chime in.

Hello @momlovesdisney! We (me, DD10, DD14) at CBR in Dec. 2020. We used the Skyliner almost every day and boarded at the Riveria station. I feel like we stayed in Aruba as well, but I can’t remember exactly.

We had no problems boarding or making rope drops in the morning. Sure, sometimes a few full cars came by before we could board, but waits were minimal. And I feel like the Riveria Skyliner stop was less crowded then the CBR Skyliner stop.

It was about a 5-8 minute walk from our room to the Riveria Skyliner stop.

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Every 3rd or 4th gondola is empty for the skyliner. So boarding is a little slower because you are waiting 3 gondolas before your turn. But when we went, they were also only loading one party per gondola