Considering a UOR Trip in December - Newbie to UOR

We are strongly considering going to UOR for one or two days before heading over to WDW. Where can we go to get the best prices for tickets and for rooms. We don’t necessarily need a package. We are AAA and Costco members. What are some other places we might get better prices?

Hi! I would check out Undercover Tourist for tickets.

I did look at their prices, and they seem very good. It looked, however, like the really good deals had tickets that expired before our trip. However, I am assuming that if I look closer to the trip that may not be an issue.


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UOR site supposedly guarantees the best prices and sometimes even gives you free extra days!

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Undercover Tourist does seem to run different deals often, so I would keep checking back.

I think the issue here is that the UOR site actual price might be a tad bit lower, but then you have to pay tax. Undercover Tourist’s prices include tax, and often include free extra days as well, so the end cost almost always ends up being lower.

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