Conservation Station Refurb?

Hi! Conservation Station is closed for rehab correct? Any idea why it isn’t listed as such on touring plans?

It’s slated to reopen Spring/Summer of 2019, but I don’t know the date.

I heard August but think that’s a guess.

Yeah wdw news today tumors August but they are usually pretty accurate.

Is there a way to report this to touring plans though? You can still schedule it in plans and is not listed on the sites refurb.

Just send an email to . They’re very good about responding.

Here’s your answer.

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It reopens on July 11.

Edit: Whoops, someone already posted the date. Ignore me. :laughing:

What luck!

That’s our second day at AK!

I did reach out to the webmaster and they made the fix for June.

Thanx frens