Consensus on linking party tickets?

Last year, I remember some debate about whether or not to link your MNSSHP or MVMCP tickets. I believe it screwed up the Magic Bands in some way but I can’t really remember the details. Just wondering what the general consensus is on linking party tickets this year. Yay or nay?

I am not linking mine because of the issues I have read about. I cannot remember the exact problem either but seemed like a better idea to just have the hard tix

I bought them online and they linked automatically this year.

Mine linked automatically. They do allow you to select fpp.

Interesting, mine didn’t automatically link.


How did you buy them?

@Sarabi_TA how did you purchase them?

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I’m a TA so I purchased them online through the Disney travel agent site.

Is there anyway that I could buy them and not have them linked? Not even going till next year just wondering

Apparently, have your TA purchase them for you, LOL…

Oh, and by the way, folks on the old chat are saying that you do not get FPP with those tickets; that if you schedule FPP on your party day, it will take your option to schedule on another park day.

Following this as I’m confused from Chat discussion.

People that only have Party tickets reported being able to make FPP selections from 4-7 so this is confusing.

didn’t use a TA

@chilepeppr4 I maybe wrong, but I thought party tickets were date specific, so I cannot see how you can buy for 2015

Just inquiring

I bought my tickets from TA site as well. They are linked. Also was able to make FPP selections from 4-7. Just did this yesterday.

I know another agent who’s tickets didn’t link automatically. Very odd.

Just don’t buy them online thru MDE just all and do it and they wont be linked.

Do you need FPP for the parties? This will be my first year doing the Christmas party, but I have done the Halloween party in the past and never had to wait too long for any of the attractions.