Connecting studios at AKL?

With the Osborne Lights going away, we have decided to try and get down before Xmas to see them one last time (unless they are somehow “saved” and moved elsewhere on property).

This will be a quick down-n-dirty two-day/three-night trip, so we want to go on the cheap. It is more economical to use DVC than pay cash, even with the current GP discount. It would be cheapest (i.e., least # of points needed) to get an AKL Value Studio (@ 30 pts), followed by Boardwalk Standard and OKW Studios (both @ 34 pts.).

However, we are a growing family of five and we would need two studios (and the two bathrooms), so 60 pts total for two AKL Value Studios. I know that a Kidani 1-bdrm villa has two bathrooms as well, but that would be 68 points. The 8-point difference doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but we won’t need the kitchen at all for such a short trip and if we can bank the 8 points for next year, I’d like to do so.

Sooooooo, long story short, we need two connecting AKL Value Studios. Do they exist? If so, is there any way to get them guaranteed, or is it an “ask-and-pray” scenario? Two of our kids are little, so adjacent studios won’t do; they must connect. Are my chances any better at Boardwalk or OKW?


Have you tried to check availability. Sure liner said availability was pretty non existent Nov/Dec.

You know, I did that right after I posted, and you are right. There’s no availability that covers all three of my nights. So the question is moot. Thanks for the heads-up.

Still would like to know the answer for future reference, though.

There are no connecting Value Studios at AKL. There are 8 “Dedicated” Value Studios, and 10 “Lockoff” Value Studios that connect to a Value 1BR. In fact, I know of no connecting Studios at any DVC property.

And, as you found out, there is no availability for Value Studios anyway. The pretty much book up at 11 months out.