Connecting rooms request - Grand Floridian

Hello- we are staying at the Grand Floridian garden view. We have two rooms that need to be connecting - any tips on how to figure out which rooms are connecting rooms so we can list them on the touring plans room request? I believe the request page on Touring Plans only lists one set of confirmed connecting rooms. Thanks!

I think you would be better just making that request clearly rather than trying room numbers. It depends whether you’d rather have connecting rooms in a different location to non connecting rooms just one or two down from your chosen room number.

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I would probably pick a building and a floor and then indicate connecting rooms is a must. If you have a certain room you prefer, I guess it can’t hurt to include it and say “Near Room 3xxx but connecting rooms are the #1 priority”.

Upon arrival it may be worth stopping by the lobby first to talk to a CM to ensure you did indeed get assigned connecting rooms. If not, they can move you and you can have some control over what building you end up in…