Connecting rooms question

Hi. If I book a package how would I do connecting rooms? Is this one package or two?

You can request connecting rooms when you make a reservation, but it is not something that you can specifically reserve.

Yes what I mean is. We have 8 people. 2 adults then kids 14-14-7-6-4-1. When I book a package with tickets and dining. Do I need to book 2 separate packages with one adult and 3 kids each or do I book one package then add an additional room?

I believe that you book one package with two rooms, but I never had to do this so I can’t say for sure.

If you call to make your reservation it is easier. If you have more children than adults in your party, you are guaranteed connecting rooms. It will be all one reservation

I guess I’ll have to call or go through a TA for this. I just did the online chat thing with Disney and the person said if have to book two rooms with two packages? Also said Jan can’t be book till late summer early fall. Doesn’t leave alot of room to plan