Connecting rooms at Polynesian

I have booked 3 Standard view rooms at the Polynesian. We need 2 of these to be connecting. I have found a map on another site (Tikiman pages) showing which rooms are connecting in each longhouse but on the Touring Plans room finder it says “connecting room none” for every room. I want to put in a room request but I’m now confused about which rooms are connecting. I don’t want to request one and then find it’s not a connecting room as that is vital to us (it will be just me and my 3 young children in those 2 rooms; my sis and her family in the third room). Any help please?

TBH I would just call the reservation line and tell them you want connecting rooms, which they can notate on your file, and let them auto-assign the rooms.

All the standard view Poly rooms are in the buildings around the main pool and marina, so none of them really have a bad view or are that far from anything. We were in Tuvalu, the farthest from the TTC and it was still less than a 10 min walk.

I think it’s more important among the standard rooms to request a particular floor. We had strollers, so we wanted a first floor room to avoid taking the super small and slow elevators (they are very small, at least in Tuvalu).

I agree, I would make that your only request and phone it in.

Interested though that you were able to book two rooms with only one adult. It was my understanding that there had to be someone of 18+ in each room.

I was thinking the same thing…

As I booked 3 rooms I put me & my kids in one room, my sis & kids in 2nd room and my brother in law in the 3rd room. You’re right - they needed an adult in each room for booking but she said they would do their best to give me interconnecting so my kids can have a room to themselves.

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