Connecting Rooms at CBR

Has anyone booked 2 waterview/poolview 5th sleeper rooms at CBR and been successful with connecting room request? Is it even possible to find two (2) 5th sleeper rooms side by side? I tried scrolling through the resort map by room and didn’t have any success. One room has 2 adults/2 young kids, the other is for 2 adults (min 2 queen beds we don’t NEED the second 5th sleeper I just figured it was easiest to book 2 of the same - perhaps I was wrong).

Did you look at TP room finder? You can select the hotel and connecting rooms and it shows you whats available. Then you can have TP do a request.

Be sure and note it on your reservation with Disney as well as your notes in your TP request.

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In July 2018 we booked 2 queens with the 5th person pull down bed connecting with a king room. I think the king was a corner room. We were in Jamaica.