Connecting Rooms at Caribbean Beach Resort

Hi, Just wondering if Jamaica has any connecting rooms.

Hi @Maureen619. I looked on the TP room finder, and they don't list an option to search for connecting rooms. I hope someone who has stayed there might know. Maybe you could call and ask? Sorry I'm not more help.

I don't think the TP room finder is reliable with respect to connecting rooms yet anyway. TP room finder doesn't list any rooms at POP as connecting (at least as of a week ago when I looked). I'm not sure (I haven't stayed there), but I've read elsewhere that connecting rooms exist (and even that every king room is connecting to a 2Q).

I have gotten connecting rooms at Caribbean Beach several times. However, we have often had to stand in the custom house until we found a CM that could find connecting rooms as opposed to adjoining rooms. I can't remember my room numbers, but I know there are a bunch available.

Ah, we're working on connecting room info now. sorry about that.

Thanks for the info. We will have a grandchild in our room so an adjoining room to his parents would be preferable. Thanks again

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Did you already make reservations? When I called, they said they would make a note of it. Just be clear that you are asking for "connecting". The CM explained to me that "Adjoining" can mean rooms next to each other, but not necessarily having the connecting door. We had connecting rooms in Martinique and we had to wait a little longer for both of them to be ready.