Connecting Rooms at Beach Club

I was wondering if there is any way to see which rooms at Beach Club are connecting? We will be a group of 11 staying in 3 rooms, and it would be great if at least two of them could be connecting. I have looked at the room finder tool and all the standard rooms say “no” for connecting room. Are there not any connecting standard rooms? Will we need a garden or water view room?

I have no idea about the room numbers.

But when we stayed at the BC, we had a room that basically looked towards Spaceship Earth, although right up by the trees so view was pretty much blocked. Right at the end of the hallway, if you went up the stairs (on the Epcot side of the lobby, above the shop), right and then left, all the way along. So pretty near the secret door to Epcot.

There was definitely a connecting door!

I have to admit I find the room finder incredibly difficult to use, but I’ll see if I can work out what room no. it was.

Thank you. I’m wondering if the room finder just doesn’t have the information. I chose a bunch of rooms at random and it says no to connecting for all of them. Maybe people just haven’t entered that info?

There are definitely connecting rooms as we always wind up with one when we don’t want it. That should be your first request if it’s a priority to you.