Connecting MDE Accounts Question

This is going to be a strange (and long) question, but I’m certain that if anyone can answer it, it would be a Liner! And please be kind as this is our first trip in over 30 yrs.

When I made ADR reservations way back when, the only way we could get my party of 6 all of our PPO reservations was to split them up into smaller groups and use separate MDE accounts. Three of the adults have MDE accounts with various ADRs. We went on with planning our trip, and I stupidly added myself as main control for all of our group. I have our tickets, magic bands, and most importantly, our FP+ attached to my MDE account only.

I started recently reading up on how we check in for our PPO reservations, and found that the “easy way” is to have them scan your Magic band. There is an alternative way by them looking up your name, but that can take longer (and probably make some people in line behind you very upset). But with some of our ADRs not on the same MDE account as the Magic bands, we would be forced (in some cases) to use the alternate method of checking in by name.

So then I started thinking about inviting the other adults with ADRs to “connect” their MDE accounts to mine (the one with all the stuff on it). Thinking maybe if they are connected together, then we can use the simpler magic band scan to check in instead of the name list. But I have worries. So (finally!) here is the question:

If we do connect our MDE accounts, and there are already FP+ in their names on my MDE account but not theirs, will it erase their FP+ reservations and revert to what is on their account (ie. nothing but the ADRs)? Or will everything I input for them in my MDE account combine with everything they have on their MDE account? We have some VERY coveted FP+ and I don’t want to take any chances. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about this at all, but I’m sure I’m like most Liners and we live on pre-planned efficiency! As always, thanks to anyone that can help a poor girl out.

OK! :sweat_smile: Let’s go back and get a few things clear first.

  1. Do all the adults in question (the 3 mentioned) have their own MDE accounts?

  2. Do they also exist as people managed by you on your account, or are they just linked to you as friends and family?

    • if you don’t understand the question, tell me!

Only once we know this stuff can we start to untangle everything. :grinning:

I figured I didn’t explain it well, so hopefully these answers will help.

  1. All three adults have their own MDE accounts. Two of the MDE accounts have various ADRs and nothing else. One of the three accounts (mine) also has tickets, magic bands, and FP+, in addition to the ADRs.

  2. On my MDE account, they also exist as people managed by me (thus how I reserved their FP+). They are NOT currently linked as family/friends, but that is the very thing I am contemplating doing.

OK. As they exist twice, the only way to de-tangle them is by calling IT help. They can do it for you and separate them. And I think your FPs will be fine.

However I can see why maybe you don’t want to do that, and if all they have on their own MDE accounts are the ADRs, you could just leave it for now. The only thing will be they will have to sign onto MDE as you to make any changes.

As for checking into the ADRs, just do it by name if necessary. Remember, far more people visit from offsite so won’t have magic bands. Like a factor of 100 to 1, at least!