Connected Rooms At All Star Music

Hello! We are going to be traveling to Disney World in October. We are going with my parents and our 3 children. One of my kids will be staying in my parents room so we were hoping to have connected rooms in order to make it easier to bring her back and forth to get her ready, get her up if my parents want to sleep later, etc. We are booked for a preferred room (military if that makes a difference) and I have tried to look through the rooms to see if I could find any that were connected and I haven’t had any luck. Are there connected rooms at All Star Music? And if so any ideas where and how we might be able to at least request one? I know nothing is guaranteed but I would at least like to try if that is an option. Thanks!

If you have the touring plan, you can configure your fax to make that request and they will send it out 5 days prior to your stay. You can also call the resort directly and provide you reservation number and make the request as well.

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Is it a single reservation under one name or two reservations? If separate, you can call and get a “travel with” number to link the reservations on their end. Not sure if it helps to ensure you get connecting rooms but it can’t hurt. Definitely send the TP fax.
Last trip, we were supposed to have connecting rooms but our initial room assignments were not connecting or adjoining or down the hall. We offered to move rooms the next day if something opened up but somehow they found us connecting rooms after we checked in but before our luggage from DME arrives. Hope yours will be easy but if not, they will work with you at the front desk.

Rooms: 1420+1419, are connecting but when you check room 1419 it said it is connecting to room 1418. So there must be a glitch with the room finder for the All Stars. I have found problems with All Star Sports also. This is something that TP needs to please fix. @len

Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely keep that in mind when making my request!

Hopefully Len will get back to us. I would call Disney if we don’t hear from Len, just to make sure they have connecting rooms. Also the key word is “connecting” not adjoining as I’m sure you know.