Confusion on prices for accomodations

I am a newbie. I got a price on Riverside Port Orleans from Disney, a four person room for $2746.88 going in September for six nights. Then I got a price from Orbiz for $1507.98, same package. That is a huge difference. I have not talked to a travel agent at all. I hate to get started with one to find out I can book the rate cheaper on my own, like through Orbiz. Are there disadvantages that I am missing by booking something on my own?

Did it include tickets? With 2 kids, six day tickets are $1614! If you had to add tickets, the Disney deal is better.

be sure that the rooms are the same (standard, preferred, royal rooms, etc) between the two prices. Sounds like you have the meal plan added too, correct? Did the Orbitz include the meal plan?

Be sure you are comparing apples to apples. Many times there are little differences that make a huge difference.

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Both were just the rooms, no tickets. I am just trying to get a feel as to how I should shop.

You didn’t mention your dates.

on the Disney site, was there an option for a room discount? or did you just get the non-discounted rate?

If I remember correctly it was Sept 16 to the 22nd. And I did not see an option for a room discount, that might explain it as I have been told that rooms are often discounted in September. I just assumed if there was a discount that would be the price that came up.

That WOULD be a very reasonable assumption, except that to maximize profit, WDW doesn’t automatically include special offers unless you click the “Special Offers” tab under “Places to Stay”.
Orbitz during a room only discount period with an added (stacked) Orbitz discount (e.g. REVIEW15 for 15% off, I think recently modified to a maximum of $150 discount per booking) is generally the cheapest way to book a Disney room. Other good deal is if you can book a discounted room within the blocks of rooms that Magical Vacations Travel books (company out of Kentucky, I think? lots of Liners use, we’ recently booked for the first time). We got YC standard room for about $180/night that way.

Sorry for bumping this old thread but I was wondering what your experience was like with Magical Vacations Travel @mossmacl?

I really like Magical Vacations. My latest stay in December was booked through them (I used Kristin) and the room price at Port Orleans Riverside beat Orbitz. If you don’t need your park tickets to be upgrade-able, then their price on tickets is a better deal as well.

When you can get on their specials (where they have bought blocks of rooms) you can do quite well.

Awesome! Kristin booked our room last fall (Standard, YC), everything was seamless. Even though we changed resorts/dates 32 times between when we booked and when we travelled…

I’ve used her again to book a trip in April, super helpful.

That’s so great to hear! I was originally booked through another company for the beginning of September but am going to be taking advantage of their late September deal to save a ton of money on my trip. It looks like I will be working with Kristin as well. I’m super excited!