Confusing room/ticket/DVC rental process

On advice received here on the forum a few weeks ago (thanks all!), I have rented DVC points for a stay in October for 7 nights. The first 2 nights of my stay were not available at the same resort/same room type. So, I booked a split stay with Pop for the 1st 2 nights, since we are arriving super late on Day 1 anyway. I purchased a package for the Pop nights but the website only allows me to book 3 day tickets since I’ll only be there 3 days. Can they extend these to 8 days on the phone (could not figure out how to do this online)? If not, I guess I will have to buy tickets separately and revise the Pop stay to room only.

Before my DVC rental came through, I had a package for a different resort and had already made my 8 days of park reservations. Then I canceled the package with tickets but my park reservations remain. Are they associated with the previous tickets? That is, do I need to cancel those and make new ones for my new tickets (after I actually get my 8-day tickets)? Its pretty far out, so it is not a problem but not sure if necessary.

I think you should book tix separately and do room only at Pop. It will probably save you some $ that way too.

Do you mean buy tickets from 3rd party?

Only perk to package is that I don’t have to pay up front for tickets 7 months out.

If cheaper, yes. I get the perk of waiting to pay, but I don’t know if you’ll be able to buy for longer than your stay.

If you buy tickets only you can buy the duration you want.

I believe you can get it changed to 8 days if you keep it with the package; I think someone here has done that. Although I don’t know how that would work, unless they could see that other reservation, because park reservations are tied to a bucket (onsite, offsite, AP) and they wouldn’t want to give on-site “advantage” to someone not onsite?? :thinking:

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You can call and extend the tickets with your package. You can only book for length of stay if you book online.

I’m pretty sure the park reservations you have will be OK if you have tickets to cover them.

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Yeah that’s what I meant. Sorry if it wasn’t clear.


It was also the middle of the night when I was reading and replying (couldn’t sleep) LOL

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I know how that goes.

Thanks all-maybe I’ll just bite the bullet and buy tickets separately to avoid having to call

I did this!!!

Yes call And they will add on days you want!

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Better yet get in chat and ask if you could be added to the call Back list!

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I like the sound of this option–I did not know that was a thing. Thank you!

Yes! I do it every time and they will check if there is room on the list. It’s great.

Good luck!