Confusing myself about Memory Maker downloads

So I remember back when we used PhotoPass a few years ago it was important to be careful about downloading pictures according to size, especially after adding borders. Something to do with cropping. Can someone give me the quick guide? Do I need to download multiple sizes when just downloading the original images? Is there a pre-set way they’re downloaded? What about adding borders and other customizations? Download in multiple sizes for future flexibility? Am I making this way more complicated than it is? Thanks so much!!!

I recently downloaded my MM pics. You shouldn’t have to download multiple sizes.

From what I remember, there were some that Disney cropped themselves, but they always provided the original-sized pics of these as well. Just to be on the safe side, I would recommend downloading all of the pics before you get going on cropping or adding borders. That way, you’ll have the original-sized ones saved, and you can crop them yourself as you wish using your computer’s photo software even after the download window has closed.

Once you’ve downloaded all the pics, then you can go back in to MM and have some fun with cropping and adding borders without having to worry about accidentally losing or deleting any of them.

I hope this helps.