Confusing Canadian Resident Ticket Question

I’m hoping somebody may be help me with the logistics here. I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible.

We’re staying offsite in February. I bought 8 Canadian resident tickets for my family and my sister’s family though my MDE. Everyone is listed on my MDE.

Right now it shows a ticket assigned to each of us and it looks like I can book FPs 30 days out (I booked one test one) so I think we all have tickets linked, does that sound right? I didn’t actually enter any numbers or anything?

I just received our package from Disney and essentially it contains 8 Exchange Certificates - four aged 10 and under, and four 10+ which is correct - to be exchanged for actual tickets on arrival at a ticket booth.

But how do I know which certificate relates to which person? Or does it matter? If my DD8 has different FPs than her cousin, will they just figure that out at the ticket booth when they give us our hard tickets?

I’m going to call Disney, but I thought I’d check here first.

Sorry this is so long!

Your tickets are linked - you don’t need to enter numbers if you bought them through Disney. I can’t help with the rest.

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You have to show your passport to get the Canadian Resident deal, so they match the birth dates up at Guest Services. We handed over our passports, they wrote the first names on the plastic tickets they handed back to us.

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Thank you both! That’s helpful!