I am trying to make touring plans work for me but I must be doing something wrong because it is not working. I first tried the basic access, but felt it better to purchase the premium plans, so I could see the pre-made plans. I downloaded a bunch, but some of the pre-made plans do not have numbers that coordinate on the maps. So you will have an attraction to visit at say #22, but there is no 22 on the map.

So I decided to try and personalize a plan instead, and it is not working at all.

This is for Hollywood studios. I have a character breakfast reservation for 9:20 in the morning.

I input this information when I was developing the plan. Your plan asks for how much leeway I have in that reservation. Which is zero minutes. I NEED to arrive at 9:20, but your site does not allow that.

When I set the plan and ask to optimize it is totally screwed up.

It has me arriving at my breakfast past 10 am!

It seems nothing is optimized. It only keeps the attractions in the order I chose them.

I have never been to Disney. Which is why I picked your site to help me. Except I am more confused than ever. Also this is a Make-A-Wish trip, so I do not need fast passes, but the plans do not optimize unless you put in the fast passes.

Also on the right hand side under destinations it says I have premium access, but then it says I have basic access.

Does it say “Premium Access” under the WDW heading, but then “Basic Access” under Disneyland resort or Universal? Mine looks like this:
I’ve paid for WDW and DCL access and my Universal access has lapsed. I never had Disneyland or Adventures by Disney, so they say “basic access”

As for the optimizing, it may be that the plans are already in the best order. You can use the “evaluate” instead of “optimize” and make changes to the order yourself. It will evaluate the times, but not change the order. I use that more than optimize, because I want to control my order.

I’m not sure how the Make a Wish affects fastpasses. Do you just get to use the fastpass line or you don’t get any fastpasses? If you get to use the fastpass line, add FPs where you think you’ll use that line and about what time. If you don’t get any, then leave that area blank.

Hope that helps a little. Sometimes it takes a little while to get used to new software.

Oh! Don’t forget to save your plan as there is no back or undo function.

If you are having technical difficulties, you can contact:

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Welcome to touring plans forum! Most of posting are vacationers just like you. Use that email above with website issues to receive assistance from staff.

My suggestions: change the ADR to a 10 min time flexibility. That is fine at WDW to be 10 min early or late.

You can rearrange and hit Evaluate to keep the order. If you want the computer to decide the order click Optimize.

I’m not sure how Make a Wish and FP work together. Best to let someone else chime in on that.

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Welcome! I find the best thing to do is to start a plan from scratch. If you do it from a computer (as opposed to a phone or tablet) you can move things around easier.

Select all the attractions you want to do and then optimize. Then group them by land or how you want, doing a drop and drag on the computer. Only “evaluate” once you get your preferred order. I don’t know for certain, but i suppose you can add Fastpass as many times as you need on the plan to more accurately reflect the MaW accommodations.

At the very least you will end up with the numbered map and wait times/walking times.

I know it seems daunting at first, but you will learn quickly.

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Can you make the plan public and post the link here?