Confused, Stressed, another WWYD? Help needed

For anyone that wants to stick with me and read this out, I’d love your input:

We have a trip Aug29-Sept7. Booked on FD. (and seriously feel like we have the best deal we’ve ever gotten. 9 nights at POFQ, DDP, park hopper plus tix for 4 ppl at $5300)
Caveat: Our oldest turns 10 on Nov. 9. Therefore we don’t have too much time to “push it back” before we would have to spend more $$$ (because I don’t think WDW would honor our child price booking if we had to rebook in 2021 do you?)

Also, has Disney been honoring FD for people who have to rebook in a time frame outside of the FD offer?

Here is my other WWYD. I could book a backup trip starting in Nov to still secure the 9 and under price, but we wouldn’t have FD. I could cross my fingers and hope the Disney Visa FD still drops for fall but that’s a big what if. I guess my concern is if I already have a backup trip booked, and it comes time that Disney does have to cancel my Aug trip would they be less likely to let me keep my current package price if they see I already have another trip booked?

Sorry, I know this is confusing and no one really knows. I guess just typing out all of my thinking and concerns here is therapeutic.

Happy Disney daydreaming to all!!

They won’t, which I can understand on the one hand, but the trip was never meant to be taken when he was an adult so I think they should grandfather those kids who would qualify for child or free (under 3) pricing at original booking date. But the word on the street is they will not.

I do not believe so

Highly unlikely.

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Definitely figured all of this, ha. Thanks!! I may go ahead and put a deposit on a Nov. trip just to TRY for one last trip when he is still 9

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I always think it’s worth it to have a trip on the books if you can manage the minor cost to do so.


You can always call and see what, if anything they can offer. Even if they don’t have anything now, you can keep checking back. I believe eventually they will have some good offers.

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Great advice, thanks!

Sounds like you do have a great deal and I hope you are able to make your trip as planned. November is also a really nice time to go, good weather and Christmas decorations! If you do end up having to push your trip back further, however, there is the ability to change a child’s birthdate in MDE on their profile page. Just saying.


We have a trip we rescheduled and got the rebooking FD offer. If they are still closed I figure they’ll be extending some kind of offer to people whose trips are canceled just to encourage them to keep their trips. That was my reasoning for rescheduling our May trip for July even though I would rather go next May.