Confused on touring plan advice on MK fastpasses

For MK, my kids are most interested in: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. My kids are 8-12 and we have two days at MK. So I would think on my FastPass day (this week), I should get those first. But the Touring Plan site talks about the strategy of going after Peter Pan, BTMRR, and Enchanted Tales with Belle for the first morning and then getting others during the day. So I don’t understand what to do on my FP selection day. We want to ride those rides also.

You’re gonna have to use common sense and consider what YOU want to do.
Depending on crowd levels of when you are going, and if you plan on rope dropping or using emh would dictate what would make sense in your situation.

Out of what you have listed so far, for pre-booking, I’d say Pan, Belle and Space Mt would be my choices. I’d be confident in being able to get BTMR and Splash on the fly.

BUT, if you have 2 days at MK, with 2 days of prebooked fp’s, make a custom TP with what YOU want to do, and the software will spit out estimated wait times for your days, you can then figure out which rides you should target for prebooked FP after considering if you are going to rope drop, or use emh, or go for a ppo bog, etc.

In general, you should prebook the ones you’d like to do that have the highest wait times to ensure the attractions that are important to you. I’d make a list of what your family wants to do, and then make a tp to see if the software thinks there are fastpasses that you should get that would be better than the ones you are thinking about. There probably won’t be any big surprises, but you never know.

The pre-made tp’s are helpful for some, but I like to make my own. Too much money being spent to not be 100% customized to what I want to do. I love TP because you can make it 100% customized for you.


Good advice above. Basically, you have to find the balance between what you want to do vs what Fastpasses are hardest to get.

I would do as the previous response says and put together your TPs for the two days. Perhaps even publish and share here for feedback to see what others would suggest.

To other things that may be helpful:

Use the link above to get an idea of what passes are already running low.

Use this one to get an idea of what is harder to get on the day vs in advance.

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Your priorities are good uses of FP, so I’d go with those. Rides can close randomly, at any time of day, and it’s best to have FPs for what’s most important to you. With 2 days, I try to put the most important things on the 1st day, just in case someone gets sick or something goes wrong later on.