Confused on park hours estimates/actuals and rolling 180 day window

So disney is releasing park hours 180 days in advance. I go to the website and it stops in August 2019. However, for the past 2 days, i have gotten emails from touring plans, saying here are the hours for Sep3, now Sep4. (My stay starts on Sep 3 so I am tracking that day)

How is getting hours 189 days out?

The initial park hours (most likely they can change) are published in other places. This website has the whole month:

Just bear in mind that all the sites with “official” hours listed beyond those posted on the WDW website are not actually official. That being said, I tracked KtP’s advance hours for a little while and he was spot on - I believe that he has a mole who gets him the WDW hours for a given month when they release them internally for planning purposes.

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thanks @brklinck and @PrincipalTinker