Confused on fastpasses for number of tickets

So I have 8 day hoppers purchased for our 7 nt/8 day stay. We just added MVMCP tickets too. So we usually spend the morning in a park then swim then hop to a night park. So I will get to book 8 days of fastpasses for the hoppers. What about my party ticket? Can I also book two fastpasses for 4:00 and 5:00 the night of the party with that ticket? Or no fp for the party ticket?
Also if not once I use my morning three at a different park can I book a 3:00 or after for MK since I have the hopper? Thanks

apparently you have to set up a “dummy” account to book fastpasses for the party. I’ll see if I can find post. I tried same thing from regular account for mnsshp and no deal

No I have 8 day hoppers. We are going to HS in the morning then hopping to MK.

Any other day I can schedule more fastpasses once I use my three and any other park. So can’t I hop to MK and book some then scan through with my party ticket once the party starts?

You have 8 days worth of tickets, so can book FPs for 8 days.

With a party ticket you could book FPs with it (between 4 and 6), but unless you use a separate profile, you will not be able to book more than three FPs in advance for each day.

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Ok but once I use my morning three I can hop to MK and keep booking till the party starts on my hopper ticket right?



Ok thanks.

yea, thats what i meant

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I have always done that. Often I spend the morning in EP. I usually only make one or two FPs there and then make the rest for MK.