Confused by Touring Plan for MK

Hello all - I am planning a day in MK on Sunday, February 3rd. We have a BOG reservation for 8:15 am. This is a EMM morning, but we are not planning on attending that. While trying to customize a touring plan, it is telling me to ride Peter Pan at 8:16 am, before going to our BOG reservation. I am not planning on a FP for Peter Pan so I understand we need to ride it as quickly as possible at rope drop, but I’m confused it’s saying to ride at 8:16. We are not paying for the hard-ticketed event, and normal opening hours are 9 am. Will Peter Pan be available to us at 8:16? I’ve double checked the information I’ve entered, and I’ve indicated that we are not attending EMM. What gives?!?!

Can you share the plan here? Plans seem to be a bit glitchy lately

how do I share the plan - cut and paste? or publish?

There is a box to click marked “Publish” That will give you alink which you can share here.

I saw the link to publish previously, but now can’t find it… lol… sorry…I’m hopeless! can you tell me where to find it again?!

found it!

Ah, I guess it doesn’t show us your selections though.

It definitely seems to think you’re participating in the EMM.

I’m at a loss! I wonder if you could submit it to the IT department for review?

I’ll try that…thanks for your help!

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when you started the plan, it should have asked if you were participating in the EMM. if you clicked that by accident, go back and edit it so it’s not chosen.

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I’ve checked…I definitely checked off not attending. I’m assuming this is a glitch-that I would not be able to ride Peter Pan earlier than 9 am?

Well the box is meant to be checked if you’re attending. There’s both g to check to say you’re not attending. So if you’ve checked a box in that area I believe you’ve indicated you’re going.

Could you screen shot that portion of your plan and share here?

New link to my touring plan - same problem

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