Confused by the latest... Crowds to Wait Times Chart

@len, So I see there’s been an update regarding how Touring Plan assigns their crowd levels. I just copied and pasted the first ride 7DMT from the site to ask a couple of questions.

Magic Kingdom Crowd Levels to Wait Times
(for attractions in our MK Crowd Calendar)
ATTRACTION LEV. 1 LEV. 2 LEV. 3 LEV. 4 LEV. 5 LEV. 6 LEV. 7 LEV. 8 LEV. 9 LEV. 10
7 Dwarfs Train 60-105 min 60-80 70-140 80-120 90-130 90-140 105-150 120-140 120-160 140-230

Not sure if it line up correctly, but I’m noticing that the peak times for certain levels are lower than then level prior to it, such as (Level 2 versus Level 1) and (Level 4 versus Level 3) Any explanation on why this is happening? Also are we now combining levels ,since a the range of wait times seem to overlap each other? If I remember correctly the old version would give a range and the next level would start at where the other range ended. Thanks!

Yeah, I think there are some typos on that page. Sorry about that. I’ll ask the stats guys to take a look. Thanks for sending that in.

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Oh, wow. Thanks for bringing that up. I’ve noticed the parks to be a lot more crowded that what the old system used to report. This makes a lot of sense! I don’t have an answer to your question, but the “feels like” in crowds certainly do not gel with what I was used to the crowd levels being.