Confused about transportation


I am a bit confused about transportation between the water parks and another park e.g.: Epcot.

We are spending the morning until mid afternoon at Blizzard Beach, and then opting to go straight to Epcot for the evening. I am sure I read that there were changes re transport and Waterparks, but it is getting me more confused with different info found on the internet… and how up to date the information is :slight_smile:

Hoping someone can help me so that I can be sure about how I am traveling on this day.

I am also planning to go from Typhoon Lagoon to Hollywood Studios one day too… so would love to know the situation here as well.

Thanks for any advice.

Would this link be helpful?

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I did not check if The Laughing Place has been updated but water park transportation changed at the end of May. Here is the summary. TL is tough. The bus goes to DS. I would take the bus to a boardwalk area resort: BC, YC, BW or swab/dolphin and then boat/walk. BB I’ll take you to AK. From AK you can take the direct to EP bus.

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Transportation probably depends on when you are going to the water park. And they just changed how it works on August 28th! The best thing to plan on is to go to an Epcot resort and then walk to the International Gateway.

I just boarded a bus at the Poly. I will post a sign later- my bus came! It says if you are going to TL before 1:00 the bus will drop you off but after 1:00 it says you need to switch at DS. The sign said the only way to BB was to go to AK and switch buses there?

Yes, that is the new set up. (We had a car, so I could not recall the exact details.) Of course, it is different for TL and BB!

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