Confused about Rose & Crown vs Yorkshire County Fish Shop

The Unofficial Guide to WDW lists both the “Rose & Crown Pub” and “Yorkshire County Fish Shop” as counter service locations that take the dining plan.

However, the official WDW site only lists Yorkshire County with the counter service dining plan option.

In addition, there is also “Rose and Crown Pub & Dining Room” that is table service only with dining plan.

I’m lost. I just wanted CS English food, and I wanted more choice than just a fish.

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Yorkshire County is a window you walk up to and order your food. I think they only have 2 or 3 items to choose from. Rose and Crown is a table service restaurant. It has an attached walk up bar in a separated area where you can order appetizer type foods. I had fish and chips from Yorkshire County last week, and it was amazing! I hope that helps you!

Well, not exactly - does the pub food count as a TS or CS credit on the dining plan - or neither?

I’ve never done the dining plan, so I’m afraid I can’t help with that one. Sorry.

Rose and crown is a ts restaurant with adr availability. If you are unsure about dining acceptance and credits used, go to wdw dining click on the restaurant then there is a link which says some dining plans accepted if you click on that then it tells you type and number of credits needed per person. This is the most reliable way as wdw update it when changes happen.

Looking at the MDE app, it says that it requires 1 credit. As the QS DDP shows no availability for dining there, I have to assume that it’s a TS credit. Although different menus, they do not differentiate between dining room and pub seating. I believe that the main difference is that the pub is walk-up only and the dining room is (primarily) ADR.

Yorkshire is a stand-alone walk-up window that IS QS. The Fish and Chips there are probably my favorite QS meal in EP - maybe in all of WDW…

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Well then, I guess I’ll just go ahead and have the fish. My husband LOVES fish and chips, I’m “ok” with it, but was hoping for something else. But we cannot NOT have some English Pub food for lunch on my TP.

The restaurant is one TS but I think the bars and lounges have menus and may offer discounts ( I always use TiW) but I have never heard of them participating in the dining plan. Maybe someone else can add something here?

We didn’t use the dining plan in October so I can’t answer your question but I will say DD10 and DH declared the fish and chips at Yorkshire County to be the best. They had the fish and chips at Columbia House just the night before and liked the batter used at Yorkshire County much better.

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I’ll try to clarify this in the next edition. You can order from the standard R&C menu at the pub bar, but you’re sitting at a bar, not a table. It’s something of a unique situation, so we consider it counter service. But apparently (depending on what you order), it counts as TS credits.

I’m not sure what would happen if you ordered just an appetizer or two at the bar, though. Maybe the server would try to talk you out of using a TS credit?