Confused about FPP planning

OK. I am confused. I have been reading posts for months now but I need some clarity here. We are 100 days out (so I have time) and staying on-site. I have my ADRs. I have my tentative TPs done and they recommend FPP times and rides. Do I just login on day 60 and try to get the fpps the TP recommends at the times it recommends or do I try to outsmart the TP and do something different? If so how do i know what to do??

Sure. You certainly could get the recommended FPP’s. Start with FEA at 7am, then 7D, and finish with everything else. Good luck!

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Log in at 7am EST and try to get the more difficult FPP’s. Like Sam said FEA and 7DMT are probably the hardest to get. After you select the FPP you can go back and see if different times are available that would work better with your schedule. I’m not sure what the TP is suggesting but the major headliners will be what you want to get. Good luck getting everything you want! :slight_smile: