Confused about evening shows in Hollywood Studios?

Hi all - I’m planning for my next Disney trip this coming September; it’ll be the hubby’s first time to experience Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios so we’re very excited!

I’ve started doing my research/planning so that I’m ready to make my ADRs and book any packages in March when my date opens. In particular, we were thinking about booking the Fantasmic Dining Package while at HS. But I’m confused about what evening shows to expect:

World of Animation - does this happen at the same time as Fantasmic? Is there not an opportunity to see both? Does the show repeat through the night or just shown once and done?

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular - does this show still happen? Is it likely to happen in September? Is it a hard ticket event?

And, should all three shows actually happen…is there a place from where you can see all of them?

Thanks in advance!

They can be timed so you can see all 3, but often they’re not. None are hard ticket.


With shows & parades you can only use historical data to see what might be happening next year at the same time. While this is often accurate “enough” to make a rough draft of a TP. You’ll have to wait until about 60 - 90 days in advance of your travel date to have a better idea.

As previously stated, if they all are going there’s a chance you can see them all on the same visit, but it depends on a number of factors that you won’t know until closer to the date.

Curious what you all might recommend then with regard to signing up for a Fantasmic Dining Package or not. If Fantasmic is the only show that night, then we would very much enjoy the reserved viewing area. But if getting that package means we can’t see the other two things, then maybe it’s a bad idea.

September is traditionally a slower time at WDW. (at least after Labor Day weekend) I’m not sure if you really need a F! DP.

No, there is not one spot to see them all. Fanstasmic! can only be viewed from the area for it, whether seated or standing in the back. It has an amphitheater surrounded by berms, plantings, and structures to block the view from those not admitted to it. The others include projections on the Chinese theater, so the main viewing is in front of it, and down Hollywood Blvd.

Often, the advice is to be in the back area of F! so you can hurry out to go see the others, if timing allows.

FWIW, we were able to watch the three in turn when we visited last October, including fitting in ToT and SDD between F! and WoA.

Something that doesn’t seem to have come up - the later two shows have zero seating (unless you perch on a flower bed or just use the floor - and many will!) which means they can never be “full” and you can wander up/away as you desire. That may help your planning a little.

We went to HS two separate evenings so we could see it all. I know at least one of the evenings Star Wars and Fantasmic were the exact same time. If anyone is a Star Wars fan, I’d prioritize that, but it’s definitely a personal preference.

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We’re going to be on a 4-park magic ticket, so no park hopper option to come back a different night. And I too would probably prioritize Star Wars, but that’s the dilemma - do I buy the dining package for Fantasmic and then risk missing Galactic Spectacular, or wait until times are published and risk the F!DP being sold out?

I think the Fantasmic dining packages can be cancelled up to 2 days in advance? That’s what the fine print on mine from a couple weeks ago said. You could book and decide when times come out?

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