Confused about 90 days FP when check in different to first park day and non disney hotel for part of stay

So just a refresher on how this works please, We check into POFQ on August 7th 2020, first park day will be 9th August, 21 day UK ticket.
We check OUT of Port Orleans on 23rd August, for 2 nights in a Universal hotel and then to a different hotel for final week and a bit.

so we can book fastpass 90 days in advance of what date? 90 days before 7th? 90 days before 9th?(How would they know when we plan to start using ticket?).

And then can we book at 90 days for ALL 21 days the ticket is valid for?

I cant get my head round it.


FPs are 60 days, not 90.

You can book 14 days worth 60 days before 7th. Any 14 of your onsite days, but it looks like you’ve only got 14 park days planned then anyway. ETA if you have 15, you’ll book the 15th day the day after all the others.

Your other park days will be booked at 30 days before the day you want to book - one day at a time. I’m assuming your hotel after US is an offsite one.


I think 90 days for FPP is only for club level stays that pay extra on top of the club level up charge.

Ah brain freeze I meant 60 day! Replace all mentions of 90 with 60!! :frowning:

We will in total do 18days at Disney with three days in universal in the middle.

I’m still confused so how will Disney know when I’m using ticket? Will they just base it on when I book the first fastpass? So if I start doing bookings 60days before first park day I will then only be able to book up to day ‘74’?

Like when you book ADRs and you can do them at 180 for 10 days, there’s a limit on how many days you can book at 60 and the limit is 14. They also know when you’re onsite, so you’re limited by that too. If you were onsite for 21 days, you’d still only be able to book 14 on the first day, but it could be any 14 days, it doesn’t have to be the first 14. Then the next day you’d book a 15th day, the day after that you’d book the 16th day etc.

Does that explain it? I’m not sure what is confusing you. Is it not being able to book the later days at 60 as well? That’s because you’ll be offsite and not entitled to a 60 day FP window.

If I’m understanding you, your trip looks like this:

7th - 23rd Aug POFQ
23rd - 25th Aug Universal
25th - Aug Disney

And you have a 21 day ticket.

So 60 days out from the 7th August you can book FPs for any days between 7th and 23rd Aug (including check-in and check-out day’s).

Your ticket starts “counting” from the earliest day you use it to book FPs. If your first park day is the 9th, then that becomes Day 1 as far as your ticket is concerned.

Then at 60 days out from the 25th August you can book for the remainder of your onsite stay or until the 29th (or 30th *). After that the ticket isn’t valid.

And at 30 days out from the 26th, you could book FPs for then.

  • There is some confusion still around whether a 21 day ticket is valid for 21 days or for 22 days, albeit you can only hold 21 days worth of FPs. Same for the 14 day tickets.

Does that clarify things? I think what was still confusing you was how the system determines Day 1? It’s simply the earliest day you book an FP. If you decided after booking your FPs for the first onsite stay that you wanted to go to the parks on the 8th, that then becomes Day 1 and your ticket would expire a day earlier.

Thanks Both! yes still not so much confused as best way to work it.

so trip is actually:-
7th - 23rd Aug POFQ
23rd - 25th Aug Universal
25th - Aug - 1st Sept None Disney Orlando Hotel

“how the system determines Day 1? It’s simply the earliest day you book an FP”

So typically I would always book FP starting with LAST day of holiday to try and get the hard to get FPs, so are we saying if I book an FP for my last Disney park day which would be 29th August.
so when can i do that? is it 60+21 from 9th? but how would they know 9th is my first day?

Actually as I type im guessing it wont let me book that day as it will see it as not within my disney hotel stay?

Ok I am still confused.

Lets look at this differently! given my plans whats the optimum way to approach booking my FP for this trip?

Your offsite days will be booked 30 days before the day. So you can book for 29th Aug on 30th July.

It’s only the onsite days that you can book at 60 days before, and you can book any 14 days of your onsite stay 60 days before 7th Aug. It doesn’t matter when the first day of your tickets is, because your ticket is longer than your stay. When you book the later ones, it will take the first day from the earliest FP you booked.

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Ah ok that does make sense thanks,
Last time though 2017, we did three days at Disney 2 weeks in a international drive hotel and could book for whole trip at 60 days! has that been fixed/removed?

Yes, when they started threatening to delete FPs if you cancelled an onsite stay. Not sure if that was earlier this year or last year.

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ok one final thought and thanks for working this through with not sure why im so confused!

so I check in on 7th but plan first park day for 9th how do Disney know that? so MY 14th fast pass day will be 22nd August but when Disney open my fastpass wont they do it 60 days in advance of 7th and therefore not let me book FP at 60+ for 21st and 22nd?

No, you can book any 14 of your onsite days because you have a ticket that covers all of them. That’s how it should work anyway.

And yes the window will open 60 days before 7th regardless. Even if you had a 1 day ticket you were planning to use on 20th, the window is always 60 days before check in day.

February of 2019. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pretty sure the window will only open 14 days for FP booking at 60 days out. The 15th day can be booked the next day.

In other words, the system allows you to book up to 74 days ahead, even if you have a 21 day ticket.

So @stustaff won’t be able to book the last 2 days of their onsite stay right at their window (if my maths is right). But they’ll still get a 74 day window for those dates.

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Thanks thats what I think i wasnt sure about as you say as far as disney are concerned the frst day of the onsite stay is day 1 of 60 days so if they then give me that 74 days I WON’T be able to book 21st and 22nd!
SO when its FP day I will try for 22nd first and expect it to not work and then work backwards not stressing if they dont.
so once I have booked 14 days worth from 7th I then, next day try and book for 21st and then 22nd and so on for those dates Im in a resort and then 30 days for the days when im not in a resort.

simple… :crazy_face:

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Thanks, I’m sure you’re right.

Well, naturally! :wink: