Conflicting early admission to Universal

I am trying to plan for a day at Univeral and IOA and has the early entry at IOA. I called Universal to ask them what parks will have early entry on Feb 11th and both times I have called they have told me early entry will be at Universal. I am not sure how to plan our day and any advice would be helpful.

Off peak was always ioa but universal appear to be changing it this year. Do 2 plans . The hotels don’t find out until the week before its is currently Usf so thats why you are being told that. If onsite with exp pass all you need to plan are FJ DM gringotts and the hog express. Remember universal can change epa park at any time and they do.
@Skubersky any ideas about epa

Uni has been playing games with EPA, right now it is USF only. We keep our crowd calendar updated with the latest info. Each touring plan has variations for EPA and regular entry, you can make personalized copies of both until you know the schedule for sure.

Is there a primer on how to use touring plans? We’re visiting for one day and I can’t decide if I need to make one plan for universal and put a three hour break in the middle of it at which time I’ll head over to Islands of adventure? Then make a second plan for Islands of adventure?

If you use the web site it’s easier. Go to universal touring plans. Under each seperate park USF and IOA there is a selection of plans by customer. Go to touring plans for ADULTS here you will find 1 day plans with instructions. They all require you to make 2 plans 1 for each park but the links are on the web page. . You pick a plan then use the copy function. This then allows personalisation. Beware of optimise the harry potter plan as it needs to be evaluated instead in most cases. Just play about with different plans until you find something that you like the look of. There are options at the top to add things like start times exp pass etc.Hope this helps

Sorry! I figured it out. Never mind!