Confirm, Modify or Cancel Reservation

Has anyone who was staying at a Disney Resort NOT going to be open during initial opening phase, confirmed their reservation and been moved to an open resort? How was that process? I have heard two totally different things so, trying to figure it out.

We are due to arrive July 12 to POP. We have not gotten our email yet to confirm and such.

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We arrive July 31st and haven’t heard anything as well. However, I believe that Disney is only working through reservations arriving July 4th and earlier. Hopefully they start working on the next set of dates soon.

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I had a reservation starting 6/24 and never received the email. I knew about it from this forum and called and modified on Monday. I am very curious also if anyone left their reservation as is and was moved to another resort.

We are scheduled for July 7 at FQ. Haven’t heard anything. We will be canceling due to Galaxy’s Edge not opening until the day after our departure, but I’m still waiting to hear what they say.

No one arriving after July 4 has been contacted yet.
I’ve been following a thread elsewhere about it and it seems to be this:
If you keep your dates the same they are moving you to an open resort, at no charge although you don’t get to decide where you’re going. They are trying to keep like with like, but party size is a factor. Most values are being sent to FW Cabins. Mods have been going to SSR and OKW mostly. A lot of deluxes are going to Riviera, bc it has so many undeclared rooms being so new.

If you move your dates, you will be charged the difference in price. You can only move to dvc resorts and FW Cabins.
That’s not set in stone, but that’s what I’m seeing.


This makes SO MUCH sense! Never stayed in the cabins, i am open to trying it if that is where we go being booked at a value.

There are only 2 of us, we are going to confirm and keep our trip that starts July 12 - July 17

Just saw on the board that I watch for the move info that they are now allowing guests arriving 7/5-7/11 to modify/confirm/cancel. Based on that you will probably be able to sometime next week. Watch your MDE.

Someone JUST messaged me this! Woo-hoo, I am next up to bat! I have planned many WDW Vacations, this has been the most stressful, no doubt!


From the looks of things, I’m wondering how Cabins are going to accommodate that. There are only 363 cabins. All Stars have over 5000 rooms, plus I think another maybe 4000 from Pop and AoA. (Sorry…too lazy to re-look-up the actual numbers.)

Anyhow, even if only a relatively small portion of those are filled up, it seems like they will max out the 363 cabins very quickly.

As far as moderates, that means Caribbean Beach and Port Orleans…not sure how many CSR guests there would have been, so I won’t count them for now. This is about 3120 rooms. Again, not sure what actual occupancy rate was for this time period. But the number of rooms at SSR and OKW is 2021. So the match isn’t working out there very well.

So, I just don’t see it possible for Disney NOT to open up more of the hotels once the parks open…otherwise they will likely have to cancel THOUSANDS of reservations per week.

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You’re assuming though that every room is occupied and every room is still going for those dates. Many people have cancelled outright or postponed.

I do think more rooms are going to open soon though. On that same post, someone received an email saying DEPARTURES between 7/5-7/11 can now call in. They were allowed to reschedule to November at a regular non dvc resort. They were offered CBR, which was their original booking, but decided to upgrade to a non DVC room at Y&B.

No, I get that. The question is HOW occupied were they already. No way to know. 30%? 50%? 85%?

That’s interesting. Wondering what that means now for those who have non-DVC rooms booked.

I was wondering the same thing about the cabins. There aren’t that many. DS and I were discussing last night about possible upgrade options if ASMovies isn’t open in August-assuming Disney just doesn’t just outright cancel us. Since we are value resort, we are on the bottom of the totem pole so to speak, and I’m sure Disney will fill availability first with those who are already paying more. But, DS said he would LOVE to stay at cabin, even over SSR or OKW.

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We just decided to cancel our August POP reservation. It wasn’t so much the uncertainty as hesitation over heat and humidity (which we do not experience here in Western Washington!) and the fact that Disneyland is opening!!! :star_struck: We already have tickets for that and so we’re switching our attention back to the left coast. WDW will remain a dream for now, but hopefully we can make something work for 2021.


Funny how 3 simple words can provide so much joy! I was at DL in late January, and I miss it so much! My friends are going for the reopening (assuming they can get the park reservations). I would join them but we are going to Glacier that weekend instead. :cry: I guess I can wait 2 weeks. I told my kids about all the changes, no fireworks, parades, characters. They didn’t care at all. They are mostly about the rides, so this may be perfect for them. Now if we can just get the coveted park reservations we will be set.

We’ve got 2 trips I’m waiting to hear about. One is 7/24-7/29 at Yacht Club and the other is end of August at Gran Destino. I figure Gran Destino is out because of the NBA. Should be interesting to see what happens with both.

I was there January 26 - my pass expired January 28!

I agree about the park reservations. I don’t want to plan a hotel (unless it’s on site) or anything until we know for sure we can reserve the parks.

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More news of modification on ticket expatriation dates from Military Disney Tips Newsletter: There has been no official announcement yet by Disney, but many people are reporting that the expiration dates for their Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets are showing September 2021 in their My Disney Experience Account.

Huh. We bought 2020 Armed Forces Salute tickets (for our cancelled Spring Break trip) and they don’t show an expiration date in MDE. We’ve currently rescheduled for October, but may push it to 2021 spring break…would be nice to know our tickets would carryover!

Edit: ok, no expiration date shows on the MDE website, but in the app 3 of the 5 tickets show 9/26/2021 as the expiration, while the other 2 show 12/18/2020. Weird!

Last I checked the Shade of Green doesn’t have a posted reopen date, but all unnecessary travel is still prohibited w/in the mil/gov’t community so, SoG won’t open until gov’t travel is permitted… that’s my guess anyway

Not sure what SOG has to do with AFS ticket expiration?