Confirm magic bands active

Apologies in advance for what is probably a rookie question but I’m too stressed to remember or figure it out.

We have our new magic bands for this trip and our old ones from the last trip I assume they will both work but I can’t figure out where I go in MDE to confirm they are active. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?

Under your profile there is s section for magic bands. It will show them as active there. They are always active unless you go in yourself and deactivate them. Long range stuff can stop working but nobody has yet reported that happening even with the first bands issued, and there’s no way to check it in advance. In theory they will work forever for anything you tap.


But as long as you link the new ones with your current tickets, those are the ones that work, correct? We will be in the same boat in a few weeks. Went in November but have upcoming competition for cheer and getting new MBs as part of our package, but not until we check in. Won’t have reservation number until check-in either.

They all work. I’m not sure what you’re asking. Any that show up in MDE work. If you buy tickets from somewhere other than Disney or buy the magic bands in a shop you need to link them to MDE.