Confession Time: Post-Trip Food Cravings

Oh Matthew… SMH

It’s Monsieur Paul. I’m wobbly about it.

Please don’t be wobbly about it!! I’m counting on you to eat here! I’m positively DYING to and I must live vicariously!

So now I have to eat there for your sake?

You don’t have to.

You could go and have dinner somewhere you already know.

That would be fine.

Le Cellier has no availability, so I can’t go there unless something opens up.

There is a logic to going to LC in terms of the geography of my plan. Also, I have the FEA dessert party, so I wouldn’t have dessert at LC, which is fine, because I don’t remember them being anything special. But if I go to MP, it’s going to be hard to say no to dessert.

I’m vaguely worried about the service at MP. And the fact I won’t be wearing the official dress code — plain t-shirt and shorts, with sneakers, for me, I’m afraid. I got away with this at CG last year.

And then I thought I would save MP for next year as my big “posh” meal. I doubt I’ll do V&A next year because of cost — I think that really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Editing because the rest of my post disappeared??

Vaguely worried about service - why - I’ve never heard a sideways thing about the place?

Dress code shmesscode. I could show you photos of friends dining there if it would make you feel better. They were in parkwear and definitely not dressed up for the occasion

Next year’s posh meal?? Well okay I can get behind that plan.

Yeah, but now you’ve got me feeling all guilty. I suppose it wouldn’t be too awful to go to one of the best restaurants at WDW to do you a favour.

Please. Don’t do me any favors.

I’ll never hear the end of it.

We can leave it to the Gods to decide. If an ADR opens up, I’ll take it.

Maybe. I dunno. The food does look quite nice at MP.


All of the desserts. And a weird thing, the water from Via Napoli is the best.

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that sure is weird! LOL


Oooohhh, yes . . . how could I forget the bread service?! The coriander chutney and pickled garlic are my personal favorites! :smile:

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Others can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that Dole Whips are dairy-free!
:pineapple: :icecream: :yum:

But don’t they taste just a little bit better when you eat them while strolling through Epcot? :wink:

I just had poutine for the first time ever last week in Victoria, B.C. It was sooo yummy!

Only slightly more weird than the fact that the best ice in WDW can be found at Satu’li.

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They are! Unfortunately I wasn’t crazy about it {ducking}

I really liked the caramel corn , but I think it has dairy and made me sick. The decorative cake pops are so chewy and chocolatey, and my husbands dark chocolate covered pineapple. Disney is great about making me dairy free meals.