Conference? What are the chances?

I was scheduled to attend a training “conference” March 23, 2020. We all know what happened to that date. We were tentatively rescheduled for August when they thought it would be safest to wait until March 22, 2021. I’m jumping out of my skin in anticipation of whether this will be happening or not. We would be staying at Coronado and it’s about 60 of us give or take. It’s more of a training meeting than a huge conference.

Has anyone heard of any meetings or smaller conferences being scheduled or happening for 2021? This would be my first time doing DW alone and was so much looking forward to it. The last email we received about the dates stated we will hear more info in January, so I should hear something soon!! I already have park tickets from the trip that was canceled so I might just have to tell Hubby they will be expiring and plan a little trip for myself if March doesn’t happen.


I think the chance of a conference occurring in any major industry is very slim before we reach herd immunity, possibly in mid-summer 2021.


Well, I bought convention tickets last week for a conference scheduled at the GF for February, so I’m guessing some are still on. When the event gets cancelled or moved the mydisneygroup links usually stop working.

Oh also there’s a conference currently scheduled at CSR for Disaster Recovery Journal? Is that the one?

I use convention tickets a LOT, so I always have my ears open for when things are scheduled.

A large medical conference I was considering going to in Orlando in spring 2021 was cancelled months ago.

Yeah, I’m gonna start looking at booking a little getaway for myself and maybe my husband. He’s just not into it, and this would have been the perfect excuse to go alone!

Just was holding out some hope thinking because it’s a small group of 50-60 people but in I doubt they are going to want to chance it at all.

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There was a small medical conference that I had been considering at WDW in 10/2020 that proceeded as scheduled at Contemporary Resort though I did not attend, so I think some of the smaller conferences are happening