Conference ticket question > 8 days

I was going to buy conference tickets for my kids for our 9 day trip this fall, but it looks like the most I can purchase is 8 days. Has anyone had luck getting a longer conference ticket than 8 days?

9 day PH from UT is $532 for our dates.
8 day PH conference is $460.

So $144 extra if I can’t book conference tickets…

I think you are talking MVT or similar who do just that. Max is 8 days. You probably can buy more days if you wish but remember they will start at the top price of one day. Tickets get cheaper the more days you buy.

According to my agent at MVT 8 days is the longest they offer.

Ughhhhh. So now I have to decide if a partial day on arrival or departure is worth $144. It’s a no brainer when it’s $20. $144 is harder to justify…

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It’s that classic Disney situation…you do your best to save money everywhere you can, then something comes up and your mindset suddenly becomes, “what’s another $144?!”

Dumb question: can MVT break it up into 2 ticket blocks? Like 5 day + 4 day (or whatever combo would be cheapest)? Or buy some from UT (enough to trigger a free day like 5-day for the price of 4) and rest from MVT?

Trying to find a way to close the $144 gap. Might mess with your FPP day but maybe not if your hotel stay covered all dates.

I don’t think it’s cost effective to split the days on two different tickets. The price difference between 4 and 10 days is only like $60.

Just to record for posterity, I spoke with Disney group booking this morning. They do not offer discounted tickets longer than 8 days.

Now to decide what to do…

You might consider just planning a resort day. A day not going to the parks, but hanging around the pool, going to Disney Springs, etc.

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I agree with this option. Having an off day used for swimming and exploring the resorts might be the best option in the middle of your trip.

i mentioned on the chat site. the 8 day ticket gives you a free water park day. so technically there are 9 days of parks. just an opinion.

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So, I’ve never had the option of going so long. Now that I’m considering it, can you explain what a conference ticket is?
8 days (or maybe 7) with one waterpark day, for a cheaper rate, sounds enticing.

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Other option is to buy a partial after 5pm convention ticket for $59 for the one day.
Or, convention tickets bought from a regular convention link have a free water park day included (don’t know about mvt convention Tix) so could use that the one day?


Howdy, check out this forum thread:

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I was thinking about that option too if dead set on an extra park day. Would still cost $118 for the after 5, so a little bit less than the original proposition for UT tix (but not much).

Honestly I’d do a resort pool day and put the money I would have spent on the extra park day to go to Hoop de Doo. (I don’t think my littles are ready for water parks, if that is included in the MVT tickets.) But HDDR is my answer to just about everything, so…

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You must remember that even though MVT limits you to 8 days of tickets, they do give you an extra, like a water park, golf, etc.

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I would not bet on that. They have a easy water ride on tubes down the lazy river and a wave pool that is the bomb. Typhoon Lagoon. :crazy_face:

Well that sounds awesome! Let’s just pretend the water parks don’t exist for 5 or so more years. By then maybe I can trust DS2 not to swallow his weight in pool water. :joy:

I would have a relaxing arrival day, personally. Plan some pool time, maybe do a resort character dinner, maybe actually do the evening resort activity that always seems like it might be fun but then there’s never time for.

You can have magical extras with the saved money… a dessert party or extra souvenirs or buy and ship that huge stuffed Stich that the kids have always wanted but you could never bring on the plane.

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