Concierge Staff - Tipping - HELP!


We are on the 11 day Dover transatlantic cruise in September and were able to get an upgrade to a Family category concierge cabin (Class V) from our regular 4A Cabin. We’ve not been on a Disney cruise in the ~10 years and were lucky enough in the past to have been in a couple of concierge cabins. During those times, we tried to tip the concierge staff, but they could not take the tips (We tried believe me - they did amazing thing for my kids). Now I am reading, that tipping is required - not an issue, but that the amounts I’ve read about very from $100 for the 2/3 staff members and $50 for the bartender to $1,200 for all staff members for just a 7-night cruise. I’ve read the concierge staff are still salaried employees to they are only on tips. SO - HELP - What are the facts surrounding how to tip for a 7-night cruise. In the past they were worth $100 each as both staff members were very proactive and went above and beyond, but $1200?


Do you have a subscription to the TP Disney Cruise Lines content? They have guides on tipping at


Yes I am a member. Unfortunately, the page does not address tipping the concierge staff.




We usually tip the hosts 100-150 ea for a 7 night cruise, and then the bartender 50, and the food servers in the lounge 50 as well. We use the lounge quite a bit when we cruise. I have spoken to folks in the lounge, and the tips are are all over the place, to some who have said they don’t tip at all. So it really is your call.Good luck!