Complicated trip - Staying onsite, then moving offsite - Help!

Need help with strategies and issues with splitting a WDW trip staying first in a Disney resort and then moving offsite to a non-Disney resort.

I’m planning a somewhat complicated trip for spring break 2015. One DD-1 (18) will be on a high school band trip to WDW. The rest of us (me, DW, DD-2 and DD-3 (both 18+)) will spend 2 or 3 nights in a WDW resort while DD-1 tours with the band. Then DD-1 will join us and we’ll move offsite to a timeshare/condo. I’m considering by APs for DW and myself (for the discounts and so we can return for Food & Wine Festival, etc), and 7-9 day ParkHopper passes for DDs.

I haven’t booked anything yet. I’m concerned about how MagicBands and FastPass+ will work in this situation. We have been to WDW many times, but not since FP+.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

The room you book will only fit 4? I think the problem will be 4 of you will be able to book FPP at day 60 for your whole trip if tickets are linked but your daughter with band tickets may not? Is the band staying on-site?

You get 60 day FPP reservations for onsite time period, and 30 day for offsite. So use your onsite window and park plan to do your must do parks & rides. Magic bands with charging while you are onsite. One you go offsite only your park tix and FPP will be on the bands.

Super easy. Just choose where you want to stay and everything will fall into place!

There have been reports of being able to make FPP for the whole length of tickets if you start onsite. I think the problem is if that happens your other daughter may not have the same access? You may be able to link if you connect everyone if MDE and copy the FPS to her.

I just did this. I initially booked a package of one night & a 5-day ticket. However, when Day 60 came, I could only book 1 day of FPs. They told me I would have to wait until I checked in to book the other days. (This would be 29 days after every other guest was able to book FPs. No way!)

So, I had reservations uncouple the tickets from the room. I ended up with a Base Room and 5-day passes (no package deal). When they made this change, the FPs that I had already booked for the resort day remained. They told me they would be canceled but that didn’t happen.

Just for grins, I went into the FP system around Day 45 and found that I could book the rest of my FP days.

Later, we decided not to use the one resort night stay and canceled the room around day 20. I canceled after I had made a resort guest only BOG lunch FP reservation and the MBs had come. I can still see the BOG reservation, but not sure it will work when we show up. So, I guess I got a bonus of 4 free MBs and maybe a BOG lunch reservation.

Make sure you understand cancellation policies well. Only the “Basic Room” can be cancelled within 6 days of arrival. If you get any sort of “magical extras,” I think you have to cancel at day 45 to avoid penalty.

So bottom line, be careful about doing on/off split stays with packages that may stop you from making FP reservations even at day 30. And, also be sure to book a BASIC room if you think there is any chance you will cancel.

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