So I am still relatively new here but I find it amazing that people take to the forums to complain about TPs being wrong or inaccurate. This site has already given me so much good information and lots of knowledgeable people sharing stuff in chats. Almost every time someone is complaining it is because they did not really understand the directions or listened to one person. If you don’t understand or have questions use the forum before you go not while you are there already screwing stuff up. Ha. Sorry I just have a hard time with people complaining with no accountability


But we also have to be supportive of each other because not everyone understands things the same way. And complaining about complaining is indeed complaining.


Point taken. Maybe I should have made the topic “blaming”. I just don’t like when people start “blaming” TP or the chats like they have wronged the people because it did not work out perfectly.


Stop blaming people for blaming. :grinning:


It happens with people who just made a TP and didn’t spend any time on the forum. Hopefully they stick around long enough to learn from their mistakes.


I dislike when someone complains but never give details on how the plan did/ didn’t work they way it’s suppose to.

The people on Chat/ Forum are very helpful and I love seeing what they did to help there TP when things don’t go the way it should.

I remember my first visit when we headed to HS and two rides went down at the same time (both which I had FP for). If I wasn’t on here reading other people’s issues or how they resolved them I would of felt that TP let me down. But I knew exactly what to do… let the app know which rides were down & optimize my plan on what to do next.

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