Comped Tickets...or Not?

In 2017, we got stuck on Splash Mountain for an hour and received four 2-day park hopper tickets, including 3 FP’s per day. We were texted a code and told it could be redeemed at any time (never expires) by contacting Guest Relations.

We are now planning a trip for May 2022. With FP’s gone, I called Disney and asked about redeeming this comp, expecting to also receive complimentary Genie+ along with the tickets. I spoke to two different CMs who had no idea what I was talking about, using quotes like “I’ve never seen anything like that since I’ve been working here” and put me on hold 3 times to check with “supervisors.” After 2.5 hours on hold, I gave up and hung up. Then I sent an email to Disney Guest Relations explaining the situation. This was 7 days ago and I have not yet received a reply. Needless to say, I’m not very optimistic about being able to redeem this comp and the Disney magic is not registering too well with me at this point in time.

Has anyone had any similar experience? Looking for a way to connect with someone at Disney who has the authority to deal with this.

It took me 3 months to get an email reply on an issue. They are beyond backed up on replies. Unfortunately the only thing you can do (aside from showing up in person) is call and wait to talk to a CM. In this case it seems you should head things off and explain you waited before but know you need a supervisor first. Then enjoy the waiting music while you do some other tasks.

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Pretty amazing comp. We have been stuck on rides like that before, and never offered anything.

I am not sure the FP+ part would be honored, though, because that was a time when EVERYONE got FP+ for free. It wasn’t a special add on. It was just the normal part of having a ticket. Getting 4 2-day hoppers is awesome though!

I tried to ride Rise the second day it was open. If you think they have problems now it being down you should have seen it then. Anyway after being evacuated several times i ended up getting a 1 day park hopper ticket for each my wife and myself. For the longest time it was on MDE and no expiration date on it. I have AP’s so I don’t check the my ticket section of MDE very often. One day it just disappeared, I have no confirmation number for it so no way to see what happened. Its just gone. At least you have a code, I would suggest going to Guest Relations on your next visit to see what they can do.


Do you have a screenshot of the text?

You could also ask on Touring Plan’s WDW Chat if someone has received the code. I remember discussions about things like that on chat.

Just scroll down to WDW Planning, then click WDW Chat, pop in and ask.


I plan on doing that, but I want to have my tickets and park reservations set up ahead of time. I don’t want to rely on last-minute ticket availability and don’t want the hassle of trying to get this accomplished the day I arrive, so I’ll probably just buy my tickets and hope they can credit my account for the value of the 2-day park hoppers.

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Yes that what I was thinking