Compare roller coasters at Universal to WDW?

We are very familiar with the WDW roller coasters. Planning 1-2 days at Universal during our next Orlando visit. Would anyone be able to rank the Universal roller coasters in comparison to the WDW ones? So, how does The Hulk compare to Everest? Or, other such comparisons to give me an idea which ones my kids would like and which ones to pass on. BTW, they ride everything at WDW. Thanks!

Did you ask this on chat? I feel like I’ve seen this before! UOR coasters are much more intense in general - better for us.

The launch of Hulk is like RnRC. RRR is very very rough - I love any coaster but my head got smashed from side to side on that. Dr Doom’s Fearfall is tame compared to TOT. The Mummy I would say is similar to EE. The 2 Dragon Challenge coasters are great fun, having your feet dangling adds to the experience, I can’t really compare them to anything at WDW.

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Nope, didn’t post on chat. I did post on WDW forum. Thanks for the comparisons.

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On a scale of 1 to 10…

Barnstormer - 1
Seven Dwarfs - 2
SM - 4
RnRC - 5
EE - 5
Hulk - 9
Dueling Dragons - 9
Hippogriff - 3

I have not done the other coasters at US, but based on videos, I’d say the RRR is probably an 8 or 9 as well.

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Very helpful!

I knew I’d seen the question!