Compare my AK plans

…pretty please?? :grin:

I have two alternate plans that I put together for AK. I am probably just spending too much time thinking and worrying, and maybe there really isn’t much difference, but I would love some input from more seasoned travelers.

Option 1:
This was my original plan, which has us starting in Pandora and working our way clockwise around the park, for the most part. I moved Finding Nemo a little earlier to a 3:00 show, in case we are running late then we could see the 4:00 show (it is on my SIL’s must-see, my niece’s favorite movie) and backtracking slightly to the Jungle Trek. I think this one gives us a little more time and flexibility with the trails, but I started thinking that maybe everyone else will be following the same clockwise pattern and maybe the traffic flow would be kind of busy?
So then I came up with…

Option 2:
This bounces around the park a little more and gets us to the shows REEEEALLY close to the starting times. But, maybe the overall traffic flow will be better? I don’t know, maybe it’s a non-issue.

Oh, and some answers to questions I am anticipating…
No, we are not doing FOP. Our group includes three littles, one pregnant woman, and one very prone to motion sickness. We’re just going to get that Tier 1 FPP for NRJ and go with it.
For the above reasons, there are a few other rides not on there, or that we are going to split up for (Dinosaur)…also splitting up for the Bug show (I just can’t…ew).
I don’t know how early we will actually get to the park. We fly in the day before and the kids may be exhausted. I’m not counting on being there super-duper early for RD.
Oh if there are any weird notes in there about ‘possible same day FPP’ just ignore those. I have gone through so many iterations of this plan! :laughing:
FPP day is tomorrow. I hope I’m ready!

I’ve not been to AK yet so I’ll let other people comment on your overall plan.

However, I do have kids and I’m thinking you might not have enough time allocated for Boneyard.

I’m going earlier in November and I’m allocating closer to 30 minutes. I’m expecting that the kids will relish the chance to run around and free-play vs stand in another line. I’d rather they get bored and we leave early and have time for a snack or something than have to drag them away upset from something they’re enjoying because I didn’t allocate enough time :slight_smile:

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Oh, just noticed your note re: flexible time for kids to stay at Boneyard while some adults do Dinosaur. Disregard!

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Yes I also anticipate that being popular with the kids! The last couple of hours are pretty open to either stay in the playground area or split up for some rides. Or shop…:grin: