Communal tables anywhere for solo traveler?


I will going solo to WDW Oct. 26-28. and would love to connect briefly to others at some meals. Epcot is not a problem with the Food Festival. But are there any big common table seatings at MK, Downtown Disney, or at resorts that don't require a reservation?


I am not sure about communal tables, but you can always sit at the bar and still order off the menu, at least HS, maybe AK, and DTD, and some of the resort restaurants.

MK I do not think so except for CS.


The only communal option that I can think of are at Biergarten and Mickey's Backyard BBQ. I second the bar suggestion. That's a great way to get a seat without an ADR and to also be a bit social. I travel once or twice a year for work, and I always do that. Last time I did it, in DC, I ran into a good friend from high school who I hadn't seen in years, completely randomly! I didn't even know she lived in DC.


The monorail resorts all have nice lounges/bar seating options you might enjoy.


yep. the lounges and bars are a great suggestion. I did that on my last solo trip. Walked right into Tune In Lounge at HS. Ordered off the menu. Ate and paid within 45 minutes. and i didn't rush either. And the bartender was amazing and made a fantastic drink for me.


Another option is Teppan Edo. I found it more social than even Beirgarten as a solo traveler.


Hoop de do can be communal I believe


Thanks for all the good suggestions!