Comments or advice on MVMCP plan? I hope I did this right. Pretty computer illiterate but I tried. All helse and comments appreciated.

I’m not an expert at this - we are going for the first time this year- but have heard/read many people say that since you are paying a premium to be there, it is a bit of a waste to sit down and spend time eating/paying for a meal.

Unfortunately I’ve read that also, but it was the only time I could get and BOG dinner is a must-do! :roll_eyes:

Did you try the reservation finder? It has always come through for me!

Thanks! I just entered a request!

Weren’t BOG reservations and FPP’s after a certain time cancelled last year?

No. They just come with a warning you need a party ticket. FPP after 6:30pm were cancelled but to my knowledge Disney cancelled no ADRs related to the party.