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Totally missed this. Lucky you!

Also, has your accountant taken her/his blood pressure medication?? :wink:

I love your evening plan, and I agree its smart to have the A-listers scheduled more than once. We may have ridden FOP three times :smiley: One rope-drop and two FPP; only reason we didn’t do a second rope drop was WAT.

I would LOVE to see the queue for FOP. In June I have an evening planned at AK upon arrival; I was thinking of doing a little Nomad action before going standby for FOP. My family would never tolerate standing that long, so it may be my only chance.

You know, sometimes it feels like people are not making detailed notes as they read my posts, then reconstructing my schedule for themselves so they can more successfully follow what I’m doing.

My AK day is going to be amazing (I hope!). Breakfast at BOMA — WAT — VIP tour.

I’m doubling up on A list rides at MK, too. But not EP or HS — can’t schedule it and I’m going again next year, where they will be higher priority.

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Let me remind you that I did cancel two dessert parties in order to fund the WAT. (And I was right. It really was $150 all in. The website says it’s more than that.)


Maybe it should feel like “some people” were on vacation and not hanging on your every word, hmmm?

Your AK day IS going to be amazing. I love that place.

Wait - how can you have an amazing day in a park with such an “ugly tree”?


Well okay then. I’m sure resuscitative efforts are not necessary at this time. Still, I’ll stand by with the defibrillator just in case.

Did they not have internet access at the Poly? All I’m asking is that you set aside an hour or so a day to read my posts and make appropriate notes. Is that really so unreasonable?

My entire schedule very cleverly avoids me ever having to look at it. It’s weird. I don’t like looking at weird things. It’s OK at night, I guess.

Will you come and visit me in debtors prison?

A bit.

It’s AMAZING at night.

I have a rule about not associating with people in any sort of prison.

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It just doesn’t look natural. Unlike Pandora, which is fantastic and looks completely natural. Especially the floating rocks.

Yes, but it’ll be a British jail. Great opportunity to travel overseas.

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I’ll be watching because I’ll still be planning my trip.

10 days to ADR day and DD told me she doesn’t want to eat with any princesses whatsoever. So crossed off 1900 Park Fare, and added Via Napoli for the day we’re in Epcot. Sigh, I really wanted to watch the step sisters hit on DS!:smiling_imp: