Coming from Cali

also any advice on how to deal with the time change. coming from cali i’m really worried I might not make one rope drop! I think our brains will be stuck on pacific time

I can see RD being a challenge. Are you coming during a busy time of year? Sometimes the parks are open late at night during peek times, (but not as late as DLR on average). You could make your strategy to hit parks with evening EMH if staying on site. You will probably be able to adjust within 3 days of arriving or start adjusting your clock before you arrive.

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We will be coming mid april. I didn’t see any real late hours unfortunately. I know DL stays open till midnight sometimes and I was hoping for that there too, but no luck.

We’re coming from Cali as well. My strategy is to do late starts for the first two full days before we try to start rope dropping stuff. We’ll also get a late start on our MVMCP day so we can sleep in since I will make them throw me out of the party lol.

My way to deal with that is red-eye, sleep on plane, nap in the afternoon, stay up until a reasonable Florida time and then! Up to bed and RD the next day.

Hours won’t up be updated until around March 15. They will probably increase a little, but with budget cut backs there were few midnights last spring break. Epcot pretty much always closes at 9. MK will usually be the park opened the latest.

For the week before you go, gradually start adjusting your wake-up and bedtimes to east coast time. At the end you may feel foolish getting up 3 hours earlier than you need to, but your body will thank you for it when you are at WDW.

Also, you actually want to adjust to “Disney time”, i.e. the time you will have to get up in order to make RD. So, if you normally get up at 7:00 west coast time, but you need to get up at 6:00 at WDW in order to make RD, you need to adjust your internal clock 4 hours, not 3.


I wanted to second the red eye flight. That’s how we do it too with an easy first day planned after landing - going to bed on east coast time and getting up to RD the next morning. It works for us.

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I would do HS first this way you could get there later in the day and still see everything. Also red bull, monster, and 5 hour energy might help first thing in the morning, get you a jump start.

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