Combo TP for tween and smaller child?

I have 8 and 11 yr old boys and was wondering which touring plan would be recommended for them? The tween one seems to eliminate a lot of things they would think is fun. We will be in MK for at least 2 days, is the 2-day one the best option or should I attempt a personalized plan? We also have cousins (ages 4, 9 and 13) that we are trying to accommodate. We are guessing we won’t all be together all the time? Thoughts?

I’m not sure I’d tour any differently really with an 11 vs. 8 year old. As long as the 8 year old is up for the thrill rides (Space Mountain for example) and isn’t bothered by some of the dark rides (Haunted Mansion), but by 8 I’d guess he’d love both. The 11 year old may not like some of the real kiddy stuff like Barnstormer etc., but by 8 my son was kinda’ bored by them too.

Some characterization on the kids might help with recommendations though - if the 8 year is not a thrill seeker that could change things…

Personally I never recommend using the pre made touring plans. Only you know your kids and what they would or wouldn’t enjoy. I would start a customized plan and just add in any of the attractions you’d like to have included and go from there. If you aren’t familiar with one or more of them and aren’t sure if they’d like them check for a video of it on Youtube and let that help you decide.

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They are both up for the thrill rides (though my 11 year old doesn’t like the look of the Tower of Terror), but the ‘smaller children’ TP eliminates things like the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Maybe it’s babyish? But my older one loves treehouses and is dying to see that.

But, they don’t care about character meet/greets. Maybe I just need to do a personalized plan? Of course, I have no clue how to do that. :confused: Do I just pick the rides/attractions/shows and they get put in the correct order for me?

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I think you’re best off with a personalized plan, based entirely on what sounds best for your family. You just check off what you’re interested in, and then the software orders them for you.

Swiss Family Robinson is a relatively quick walk through and seldom crowded which is a nice change of pace. If your 8 old isn’t interested, you could send the 11 year old up on his own while the rest of the family relaxes with an ice cream on a bench nearby. If he’s interested in it, it’s an easy one to check out without taking too much time really.

The Treehouse is not stroller (or wheelchair) friendly at all which may be why it’s not on the younger kids TP.

Yes you get a list and you simply add the ones you want. Then it will ‘Optimize’ the plan for you putting each ride in the place where it will likely have the least amount of wait time.

The only issue with that is that it will normally also have you running back and forth across the park lol. I let it figure that out and then I manually rearrange things to group them a little more logically and use the evaluate button then which will recalculate the estimated wait times for the order that I’ve put them in.

I agree with Outer1. Also, just play around with it. You can copy and re-order things and optimize again or just evaluate to see what difference it makes in waiting and walking times.

Okay, so I started creating a personlized plan, but can you do a 2-day personalized plan? It doesn’t look like it, but thought I’d double check.

You’ll just do a separate plan for each day. Some folks will concentrate on different parts of the park the different days.